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Israël L’italien and Micaël L’italien are graphic design graduates from Université du Québec à Montréal. Throughout their studies, the twins got involved in many projects such as Pica 10, a multidisciplinary yearly publication. In addition to their freelance work, they have also been working for a few years in the communication department of La Chapelle, a non-profit organization.

Harboring a growing desire to found their own studio, our two ambitious young designers decided to launch Studio Monozygote after their studies. Their complementarity and their symbiosis make them a versatile team that works rigorously to achieve its goals.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Israël relies on functionality to offer a clean and timeless design. As a diligent designer, he takes quality seriously. For his part, Micaël distinguish himself with his versatile creativity and his audacity. His curiosity motivates him to constantly look for novelty. The brothers share their passion for artistic direction and for all forms of design. Their reunited strengths enable them to complete unique projects that meet their clients’ needs.